Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I Don't Know What Is Our Destiny,
But, With You I Know I'll Be Happy, ♥
Because There Is Nothing More Divine,
But The Fact That I Made You Mine, ♥
So I'll Give You All The Love And Care,
... And I Promise I'll Always Be There, ♥
When You Need You'll Have My Shoulder,
With Love As Together We Grow Older. ♥ ♥ ♥

For My Best Friend


You came into my life..
when all hope was gone..
I thought Love was only for the lucky ones.
Still, I waited, watched and listened to those
famous words...
...those words I've heard before,
those stabbing words of good-bye..
just because I was always the shy one..

I cried and asked God "why they always leave?"
does none love me?

When time after time, each friend who said they
would turn and walk away..because I didn't want
to be
'friends with benefits' all because I would not say
they would each walk away.. !!

I learned not to trust...
I learned not to care..
I lost my faith..
thought I had done something wrong..
thought God just didn't care.

Then you came into my life..
changed everything around...
time after time..
you stayed..
even when I pushed you away,
you fought for me and told me you loved me ... !

Now I know,
God never left me alone..
He just wanted me to know pain of rejection..
To appreciate and value His blessings.

Out of all the blessings God has given me,
The BEST one is YOU ... !?!